Manifesting the Life You Want

manifesting life

  Here you will find simple ways to begin manifesting the life you want. 

 Get ready today.  Get excited.  You can do this!


Get the creative juices flowing.

Create + Move. 

Unblock your energy by doing some creative activities. It is known that doing creative activities will open the doors to your creativity. First, boost to those creative juices by making art, writing, dancing, or getting crafty in any way. Whatever gets you into that creative space. Adding movement to your creativity intensifies its the power to unblock resistant patterns. Dance, workout, walk, or run to move static energy. This is key to manifesting the life you want.



meditating in the moon

 Create a new habit. Meditate for a couple minutes on it every day. Paying daily positive attention to your resolution helps to manifest the life you want.  Additionally, monitor your thoughts and feelings, they become your reality.  So, give your dreams lots of energy.   This will create a powerful link in your mind.  Additionally, it will create more space in your mind and decrease stress.  Know that energy flows where attention goes. 


What is it that you want to manifest? To begin a brainstorm, focus on what it is that you DO want to bring into your life.  Do not focus on what it is that you DO NOT want. What are your wildest dreams?  In order to allow yourself to be filled with ideas.  Instead of completely planning out the details of how to get there.

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step” Chinese proverb

While, sometimes people get caught in fear, notice this and redirect your focus back to the task. Allow your deep instinctive voice to come out. Write down the reasons why you want this life. 


heart hands

Come from a place of love when manifesting the life you want.  Letting your ego manifest is not what you want.  It is not about being superior, winning, or overpowering. 


Make a vision board. Put pictures on your fridge. Put notes on your computer and phone. Make it so that you visually see your dreams.


By all means, use Pinterest and check out my pinterest for more inspiration

In manifesting the life you want, you will want to connect with people doing the same. Fill your social media and emails with inspiration. Whether connecting online or in person, fill your world with inspiring people.

root chakra
   Find out how to ground and unblock your Root Chakra.


Share your dreams with people.  It doesn’t matter who it is, just sharing your ideas will help them manifest.  You are putting more energy into, giving them more fuel. 


Truly, when you are brainstorming, meditating, and talking about your dreams, feel them!  Imagine your biggest dreams are already here. Savor those feelings.  In addition, savor the great joy you’ve gained from manifesting the life you want. More than any other feeling, deeply feel gratitude. Feel gratitude for what is now. In view of manifesting, feel yourself as already having what you desire.

Most Importantly, Know this.


Are a divine being living in a human body.  

Already have everything you need. 

Are already enough. 

Can manifest the life you want. 

written by Gina Scianimanico, LMT, CEP

Gina namaste hands

photo credit Lairet-Sorensen Photography

For over a decade, Gina has been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida. Over the years she has added personal trainer, yoga teacher, and certified continuing education to her resume. She specializes in senior care, mobility, post injury care. Above all, sharing knowledge is her passion, you can follow her blog here.

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