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Thai Herbal Medicine Compress balls can contain many different ingredients

Thai Herbal Medicine Ball

Thai Herbal Medicine Compress

What is a Thai herbal medicine ball?

A Thai Herbal Medicine ball can also be called a poultice or compress.

It is a mass of fabric and herbs usually heated and placed on the skin.

Thai herbal medicine compresses
Thai Herbal Medicine Compresses

They are commonly used to treat bites, stings, pain, burns, bruising, and swelling as well as drawing.

Make your own Herbal Medicine Ball

There are a variety of interesting and healing ingredients to choose from.

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A variety of flowers can be used to make your own herbal compress
A variety of flowers can be used to make your own herbal compress







Tree Resins

A variety of ingredients can be used to make an herbal compress including ginger, turmeric, and other spices
A variety of ingredients can be used to make an herbal compress including ginger, turmeric, and other spices
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As you can see, there is a huge variety of blends you can use to create a customized herb compress.

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Whether you are having a home spa day or you are rehabbing your shoulder. You can easily make your own herbal steam compress to use for a topical treatment.

Research and choose your ingredients wisely, using your instincts, ask, what is sustainable, available, and affordable.

Traditional Thai medicine includes the use of many different medicinal herbs, and also include specific protocols for use of them on the body.

These types of compresses have been used throughout human history, for thousands of years.

Native Americans have a rich history of using herbs on the skin in this way.

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What can I do with Thai herbal medicine balls?

First, heat it up.

How do I Heat up my herbal compress?

Steaming the herbs activates them and gives you soothing and healing heat.

You can do this several ways, in a rice cooker, double boiler, microwave, or slow cooker, even your instant pot.

You only need to heat it for short amount of time and you have a powerful topical pain reliever.

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ALWAYS TEST – First test the temperature by quickly tapping it to the inside of your elbow to be sure it’s not too hot.

Massage with Thai herbal medicine compress

How do I use my Herbal Compress?

massage therapy benefits of bodywork

Massage techniques

Compression – You can press downward onto your skin gently or firmly, release and repeat.

Tapping – Lightly or firmly tap around the area you want to treat.

Roll– Roll the ball along an area of the body, again, this can be done gently, firm, fast, or slow. Mix it up!

Placement – Place the herbal poultice on the area you would like to treat. For example: Sitting one on your forehead for a headache or on your chest for congestion.

Learn more about Traditional Thai massage here at Bodhi Sangha.

Traditional Thai Massage assisted cobra pose

Traditional Thai Massage uses these steamed herbal compresses as powerful medicine. They help by using the power of aromatherapy, heat and to aid in relaxation, circulation, and respiratory issues.

Did you know that there are more than 200 different styles of massage and bodywork?

What should I put in my herbal poultice?

A compress can contain many herbs or just a few. These medicinal herbs have many different uses, you can customize a compress to your own needs.

thai herbal compress
Massage therapy with Thai herbal compress ball

Medicinal Herbs to use for your Herbal Compress:





Kaffir Lime rind and/or leaves







Tying up your Medicinal Compress
Make your own herbal compress poultice by folding it this way
Make your own herbal compress poultice by folding it this way

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