Self Care Things To Do

self care graphic with hands holding hearts from yoga and massage edu

People want to do what they can to help, myself included. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that self care plays a crucial role in all of our lives. It is crucial, because without it we can easily burn out. Just like the rule of putting your own oxygen mask on before putting someone else’s on.

Standing Yoga Poses for Improved Lung Health

standing yoga pose sequence for improved lung health

Yoga Poses for Lung Health This sequence of Yoga poses for lung health power up your Lungs. When you exercise your body, your lungs and your heart work to add oxygen to the muscles. Regular movement helps to strengthen your muscles. Your body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen into your blood. How Yoga Helps […]

9 Ways to Lower Anxiety Right Now

Breathe slowly, breathe deeply quote

When in the grips of anxiety, you may feel like nothing with help you feel better. You may even tend to do things that ultimately make anxiety worse.
Here you will find several ways to lower your anxiety right now.

Effective Home Therapy for Sciatic Pain

Caring for back pain at home, woman in wide legged childs pose with prayer hands

Having nerve pain and not sure what to do? The answers you find online can create more confusion. Here you will find effective home therapy for sciatic pain. Realistic treatment options and tips you can do at home.

How to Use Mantra

Golden buddha used for healing meditation

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mantra meditation. Mantra is translated from the ancient language of Sanskrit…

Healing Music

You are what you listen to

Listening to healing music is one of the easiest ways to bring…

Balance Root Chakra

grounding root chakra

Easy ways to GROUND and BALANCE Chakra 1, the Root Chakra. How does grounding work? Phenomenally, the earth has a subtle electrical charge.  We ground electrical items we use and we also ground our bodies via the root chakra. What does it feel like to be grounded? As a humans, when we are grounded there […]

Starting Yoga Today

Two people standing on rocks in the sun performing yoga sun salutations

When you know these simple ideas, you can start your yoga journey with much more ease and understanding.  It will prevent much frustration that can accompany a new practice. 

Manifesting the Life You Want

woman with open arms in the sunset

Come from a place of love when manifesting the life you want.  It is not about being superior, winning, or overpowering. 

What Does Yoga Teach You?

What does yoga teach you text and men in yoga poses

As you practice yoga, you learn to watch your judgmental and negative thought patterns. Naturally, after some practice, these fears, doubts, and negativity begin to subside.