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Gina Scianimanico

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As a Massage Therapist and Yoga Coach, Gina Scianimanico, has a continuing fascination with human anatomy. Markedly, captivated about how the human body functions. Significantly inspired by her mother, a nurse and father who is trainer and body builder. Additionally, her favorite uncle is a successful engineer, in spite of being quadriplegic.  Early on, Gina, naturally drawn to the health care field became a certified nurse assistant. Successfully caring for patients closest needs brought her happiness. Yet, as a nurturer, she found herself supporting the self-care of the caretakers themselves. On long over night shifts she found herself massaging exhausted nurses’ shoulders. Together with that, she soon developed a need to devote more one-on-one care. She begins to wonder about being a massage therapist.

With this intention, Gina enrolled in massage school in 2004.  She quickly gained a myriad of experience as a newly licensed massage therapist. Working with sports medicine doctors and osteopaths gives her valuable wisdom. As well as working with amazing doctors, she pursues extensive education in deep tissue massage, posture balancing and post injury rehabilitation. In addition, Gina received certifications in several related modalities. Becoming a yoga teacher, workshop provider, personal trainer, and certified continuing education provider for massage therapists and yoga teachers.

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Uniquely combining all of this knowledge, she now provides clients with a custom blend of therapeutic services.  These services are a union of massage, yoga, weight-training, meditation and coaching. Gina maintains a strong passion for sharing knowledge. In fact, she writes about the benefits of massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. You can read her health blog here.

Beyond teaching and giving healing session of massage therapy, she also shares information on her blog.  Here are some of the titles.

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